Medical Billing

Payments made easy

We are a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services empowering healthcare organizations to achieve business transformation and growth through our innovative healthcare information system and services. Timely follow-up of claims is the key to avoid cash flow issues as sometimes the Insurance will expect supportive and relevant documents to process the claims even if we have pre-authorization. New Way Healthcare will review claims based on processing time by Insurance and work appropriately.

We monitor AR Days on a regular basis and share recommendations/suggestion with our clients on monthly basis based on our analysis.

Our strategic approach to insurance and patient billing makes us a premier on/ offshore billing company, supporting our clients to achieve cash flow success.

What we do

  • We understand your requirements and define our goals based on your need.
  • Deliver Service on time and ensure Client satisfaction at Optimum.
  • We are efficient and cost saving.
  • We are highly experienced in providing Dental Eligibility, Benefits and Billing Services.