Medical Records Review

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We provide comprehensive and advanced medical reviews which involves the comprehensive assessment of the medical records of a patient which can make life easier for those in the medico-legal industry. Our professional medical reviewers identify, review, interpret and analyze the various facts in patient medical records. This is beneficial for medical-legal consultants who can focus on more constructive activities, once the medical record review process is outsourced.

What we do

  • Identify the components of the medical record
  • Retrieve patient medical record information
  • Collect, classify, and capture information by data type
  • Capture data such as demographic characteristics, medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy notes and treatment and arrange them in a chronological order.
  • List all records [imaging records included] and documents reviewed
  • Enumerate all objective tests performed
  • Quantify range of motion and outcome assessment study
  • Inform critical missing records

Services Offered

  • Medical Chronology: A summary of medical events sorted by date of occurrence
  • Medical Opinion: Our expert team opines on the medical case with validation and inference in a Q and A format
  • Deposition Summary: Medical events summarized in order as separate topics with relevant page references.
  • Life Insurance Underwriting- Our underwriters set your life insurance premiums using information about your health and lifestyle
  • Disability Rating Summaries- We provide summary ratings based on the report issued by Disability Evaluation Unit that turns a doctor's report about a patient’s injury into a permanent disability rating.
  • Mass tort-Our medico legal expert team help prepare summaries for Mass tort judges who are instrumental in mediating and settling mass torts cases after one or more bellwether trials take place
  • Medical Malpractices Summaries- When patients suffer harm as the result of negligent medical care, they are typically entitled to pursue compensation through the tort system. Our expert team helps in listing the policy options focusing on reducing the number of claims or the average pay out per claim, for example: limiting the scope of available damages (as through non-economic damage caps), placing limits on attorney's fees, and imposing additional requirements for filing claims.
  • Workers compensation Summaries- We help build summaries that requires employers to pay for their employees' work-related injuries.

Additional Services

  • Hyperlink: Facilitates user to click on any page reference in the medical chronology that will take them to the corresponding medical records
  • Bookmarking: It is a table of contents style feature that works as an efficient navigation in the PDF Medical Summary
  • PDF Sorting: The PDF containing medical records are sorted in chronological order.

We Successfully support

  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Firms
  • Medical-Legal Consultants
  • Private Corporations
  • Independent Medical Examiners
  • Private Physicians