Medical Scribing

Together, we can revolutionize how patient care is delivered

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adoption demands the need to have a medical assistant all the time during the examination of the patient by a physician so that each and every detail is entered into EMR real time. Also, the absenteeism of the medical assistants makes the ‘physicians’ day tough. To add on, many patients object to an assistant being present while they are being examined. New Way Healthcare can offer practices with quality virtual/remote scribe solutions under HIPAA secure facility who can create charts real time and avoid the awkwardness of having an assistant present during examination.


  • A digital voice recorder for the physician to record the dictation at the end of each consultation or the doctor may choose to use a toll-free line to record the dictation
  • A mic connected to the computer/laptop installed with Skype app or a smartphone installed with Skype app (the scribe will use Skype app for conversation with the physician).