There is a new way

There is always a New Way

Why New Way Healthcare Services? A choice that makes the difference because there is always a New Way

Fortified with a big team of Doctors and Medical Professionals, New Way Healthcare has the capacity to review more than 3 million medical records annually. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with us:


Headed by an LSSBB Certified Individual “Quality and Compliance always takes priority”. We are HIPAA compliant and on the process of being certified for ISO.


Our proficient team of auditors and compliance advisors work together with our customers ensuring timely deliverance of the projects committed. Compliance training programs conducted regularly help in enhancing the team with changes in guidelines and rules.

Project Oriented

Projects received at New Way Healthcare are assigned to skilled Subject Matter Experts who thoroughly analyze the inputs and also quickly resolve any discrepancies. Every process has a methodical quality analysis and the records are discreetly documented in our proficiently managed project tracking system.

Customer Centric

New Way Healthcare is exceptionally customer centric, focusing on the quality, turn-around time and primarily customer satisfaction. Skill enhancement programs and project specific trainings are provided to the team on weekly basis to help focus on customer needs.

Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

Each Client and Each Scope will have dedicated “Subject Matter Expert (SME)” as a point of contact to take care of Client’s daily deliverables.

Low cost

Working with New Way will definitely deliver a 25-30% improvement in collections and 30-40% increase in cash flow.


Our customer experiences are designed to be flexible in order to immediately meet the requirements of each customer based on their personal needs and unique circumstances.

24/7 - IT Support

Our main objective is to deliver quality work to customers on a timely basis and physicians can reach out to one point contact any time to get the reports done. We would be available either by mail, phone, Skype or Teams 24 x 7 to assist.